Episode Number: 112
Title: And The Best Games Of E3 Are...
Featuring Matty and Karak of AngryCentaurGaming
Summary: E3 2017 is officially a wrap. After a long week of demos, reveals, and news, Matty and Karak breakdown what we liked and didn't like from the show!
Published Date: 06/18/2017
Duration: 02:12:59

Episode Number: 111
Title: Nintendo, what is this contraption?
Featuring Matty and LoneVaultWanderer
Summary: Nintendo has unveiled that amazingly stupid concept for party chat on the Nintendo Switch. We amp the question that everyone is asking which is "what is this?!"
Published Date: 06/04/2017
Duration: 01:15:34

Episode Number: 110
Title: Prey Spoilercast
Featuring Matty, LoneVaultWanderer, and Karak of AngryCentaurGaming
Summary: Prey is a psychological thriller and the ending leaves MUCH to be discussed. Let's see what the boys can extract out of the game in this week's show.
Published Date: 05/28/2017
Duration: 01:52:17

Episode Number: 109
Title: What Is It Like Working With Bethesda?
Featuring Matty, LoneVaultWanderer, Karak of AngryCentaurGaming, & Michel Sabbagh
Summary: Michel does QA for Bethesda's games and his most recent work was on Skyrim Special Edition. What is it like collaborating with one of our favorite companies and what does it entail?
Published Date: 05/21/2017
Duration: 01:59:04

Episode Number: 107
Title: How Long Is The Mass Effect Hiatus?
Featuring LoneVaultWanderer & Karak of AngryCentaurGaming
Summary: Lone is the host for this episode, so you already know this will be more organized than usual. Him and Karak discuss the hiatus of Mass Effect as well as take a deep dive into Prey.
Published Date: 05/16/2017
Duration: 01:46:15

Episode Number: 106
Title: Is Call Of Duty Trending In The Correct Direction?
Featuring Matty, Karak of AngryCentaurGaming, and Patron guest Blastro!
Summary: Call Of Duty is undergoing a drastic change of direction for the first time in roughly a decade. Is this the right thing to do?
Published Date: 05/09/2017
Duration: 02:00:01

Episode Number: 105
Title: Our Ideal Bethesda Game Studios Multiplayer Game
Featuring Matty, LoneVaultWanderer, and Karak of AngryCentaurGaming
Summary: With rumors circling via job listings on Zenimax's own website, the boys sit down and chat about how Bethesda should do multiplayer if they are to pursue it.
Published Date: 04/23/2017
Duration: 01:44:46

Episode Number: 104
Title: The Last Jedi Is REVEALED!
Featuring Matty, LoneVaultWanderer, Karak of AngryCentaurGaming, and AledJamesPlays!
Summary: This is Star Wars Celebration weekend so how about a Star Wars focused episode for you!
Published Date: 04/16/2017
Duration: 01:22:56

Episode Number: 103
Title: Rambling About Scorpio, Disappointing Games, & YouTube
Featuring MrMattyPlays, LoneVaultWanderer, & Karak of AngryCentaurGaming!
Summary: The boys have arguably one of the most relaxed episodes yet as they break down a week's worth of gaming and YouTube drama. That's certainly ironic!
Published Date: 04/09/2017
Duration: 02:20:52